Shirlington Dog Park Updates

The 2016/2017 Four Mile Run Valley Project includes potential changes and or upgrades to the Shirlington Dog Park in Arlington, VA.

Despite earlier concept plans shown in March to the working group and public, recently County staff has made a set of different recommendations.

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Shirlington Dog Park Could Shrink Under County Plan

by Chris Teale — May 22, 2017 at 4:45 pm The first alternative, with an approximately 27,000-square-foot dog park

The much-loved Shirlington Dog Park could get smaller under plans being discussed by the Four Mile Run Valley Working Group.

Three alternatives have been put forward for the park along Four Mile Run, including one that would reduce it to approximately 27,000 square feet, known as Alternative 1. The park would be cut in half at the current S. Oxford Street entrance, with the area west of Oxford Street reforested and the park running between S. Oxford and Oakland Streets.

The other two proposals would have the park at around 55,000 square feet (Alternative 2A) or 47,000 square feet (Alternative 2B). Both incorporate a proposed, expanded portion of parkland along S. Oakland Street.

A spokeswoman for the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation said that new plans are being explored for the dog park due to concerns around stormwater management. Jennie Dean Park and Shirlington Park are also being planned as part of the working group’s wider look at Four Mile Run’s future and a parks master planning process.

The possible reduction in size of the dog park is not quite as drastic a change as earlier rumors — that the county was planning to “move the dog park and make it much smaller, or do away with it” — had suggested. It has, however, sparked loud opposition from supporters of the dog park on social media, including on the park’s unofficial Facebook page.

“Just out of curiosity, what happened to the chorus of reassurances we got from the board reps just a couple of weeks or months ago about them not touching the park?” wrote one supporter. “I don’t know what bothers me more; the fact they continue to push initiatives that put the park at risk or that they misled supporters to believe the park was safe as-is.”

An online petition against the proposal has garnered more than 1,000 signatures.

“4 Mile Run Shirlington Dog Park is the best dog park in Northern Virginia,” wrote one signee. “One of the biggest reasons is its current layout. The small dog area, the water access, and the lengthy, open run area, as well as the seating, provide the best experience. Please do not alter this dog park!”

“It is an all too rare NOVA stress reliever that should be protected, not changed or reduced in size,” wrote another.

A separate Facebook group has also been started dedicated to saving the dog park and energizing supporters.

Parks department spokeswoman Martha Holland said there are no “short term” plans to change the park, but didn’t rule out longer-term changes due to state water runoff rules.

“Currently there is no immediate funding or intention on changing the configuration of the Shirlington Dog Park in the short term, however as capital renovations happen in the future or significant maintenance is needed in the parks, state mandated stormwater management standards will need to addressed,” she said. “County staff is working with the County-Board appointed Four Mile Run Valley Working Group on developing a plan for the park to meet state requirements and community interests.”

The County Board is set to have a work session on Four Mile Run Valley planning on May 30. Holland said that at no stage has removal of the park been on the table.

“The county recognizes that the Shirlington Dog Park, one of eight Arlington County dog parks that residents and their pets enjoy, is a tremendous and much-beloved resource for the county and there has never been any intention to remove it from the area,” she said.

The County Board is set to adopt the parks master plan for the three parks early next year. Public input on the draft concepts will be taken in July.

On March 1, 2017 as part of the Four Mile Run Valley Project, three concept plans were introduced that more or less maintain the Shirlington Dog Park in the same location as it currently exists. This comes on the heels of wide-sweeping resident concerns when concept plans introduced a month earlier did not mention specific location of the dog park and grouped it generally into the category of “outdoor parks/rec/cultural.” To exacerbate the ambiguity of the future of the dog park, some concept plans showed major changes to the size and relocation to “outdoor parks/rec/cultural” area, meaning that potentially the dog park section could be drastically cut or moved, which created an uproar within the Arlington dog community, ARLNow reported.
The latest concept plans have more or less reassured the concerned residents that the Shirlington Dog Park will remain in tact. View the 3 concept plans here and more information about attending the public working group meetings and updates.

View the latest concept plans introduced on March 1, 2017 below and view the Four Mile Run Valley project page for more information and to view the schedule of public working group meetings. published two recent articles about the Shirlington Dog Park and the public’s commitment to maintaining it and potential concerns about changes.

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MARCH 1, 2017  Concept plans for Four Mile Run Valley


Alternative 1

Alternative 1.1


Alternative 2


Alternative 2.1


ALTERNATIVE 3Alternative 3

Alternative 3.1

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