Why we came together

Why the Friends of Aurora Highlands Parks group came together.

Working together to give a voice to our parks in Aurora Highlands near Pentagon City

Save our limited park land, grow it and make it more reflective of our neighborhood’s age-diverse needs.

Let’s make a positive change towards inclusiveness for all ages and uses. Open, unprogrammed green space can be used by everyone for playing, sports, walking, relaxing, community events, socializing and so on…But in Aurora Highlands parkland for all ages and uses has been usurped by two specific uses: athletic fields/courts and playgrounds. Recreation and playgrounds are great, but should not be the only option for our parks.

Increased density around Pentagon City requires that we plan our parks to be multi-purpose for this growing community. Don’t build without being strategic!

Our limited parkland should not be lost to more buildings, including a new elementary school proposed at Virginia Highlands Park. Wonderful, viable options for a new school that make sense for all of Arlington are available.  Say “no” to decreasing our parks for more buildings. Protect our public spaces and parks.


Chair: Kari Klaus
Co-Chair: Stacy Meyer

We value inclusiveness and we continually invite our most active neighborhood
volunteers to participate in our steering meetings, organizational priorities and activities to help be the champions and voices for our parks.