Public open space design. Met Park 6 building (near Costco)

The project’s entirety can be viewed on the Arlington County website,  Metropolitan Park Phase 6.

A summary of the open space, public easement portion of the project can be viewed below.

“Initiation of a public planning process for the central park area associated with Phase 6 of Metropolitan Park, where design and programming recommendations shall be considered for an amendment to the Metropolitan Park Design Guidelines and incorporated as part of the final site plan for Phase 6.” — Arlington projects website.

See the comments and input from residents regarding the open space.

Online survey results regarding the categories of park space (passive, active, semi-active).

County staff: Diane Probus, 703-228-0787.f95b90b9-57bd-4887-ab4f-37f2ad50b897

Overall2016-05-10-MET-6-SPRC-3-Draft-7-sm 2016-05-10-MET-6-SPRC-3-Draft-passive-sm 2016-05-10-MET-6-SPRC-3-Draft-playground-sm