Past Events


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  •  March, April newsletter.   756 Arlingtonians read our newsletter last month!
  • Dept. of Parks and Recreation is coming to the Aurora Highlands Civic Association meeting [April 12th] to begin discussions on the renovation of the west side of Virginia Highlands Park. Read more about Virginia Highlands Park and the FoAHP proposal for rebalancing the park for all ages and uses.
  • A Possible Temporary Dog Park in Pentagon City?A statement from the County, “The County and JBG Smith, the potential future owner of the PenPlace property, have both expressed interest in creating a temporary dog exercise area on the PenPlace property.  The County and JBG are working through multiple challenges, including zoning, real estate permission, and liability with the goal of providing a place for residents to gather and to exercise their dogs.  While there is no current timetable for the opening of such a place, both parties have agreed that a partnership between the County, JBG, and the community would have many benefits and look forward to seeing what might be accomplished.”
  • January, February newsletter.  County makes an effort to start fresh with Nelly Custis Park project and the community with a public apology from the County Manager and the Department of Parks and Recreation for DPR staff’s engagement with the community.